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currency: Mauritian rupee (MUR)
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the main island, from which the country derives its name, is of volcanic origin and is almost entirely surrounded by coral reefs;

former home of the dodo, a large flightless bird related to pigeons, driven to extinction by the end of the 17th century through a combination of hunting and the introduction of predatory species
Mauritius history
Although known to Arab and Malay sailors as early as the 10th century, Mauritius was first explored by the Portuguese in the 16th century and subsequently settled by the Dutch - who named it in honor of Prince Maurits van NASSAU - in the 17th century. The French assumed control in 1715, developing the island into an important naval base overseeing Indian Ocean trade, and establishing a plantation economy of sugar cane. The British captured the island in 1810, during the Napoleonic Wars. Mauritius remained a strategically important British naval base, and later an air station, playing an important role during World War II for anti-submarine and convoy operations, as well as the collection of signal intelligence. Independence from the UK was attained in 1968. A stable democracy with regular free elections and a positive human rights record, the country has attracted considerable foreign investment and has earned one of Africa's highest per capita incomes.
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Conventional long form: Republic of Mauritius

Conventional short form: Mauritius

Local long form: Republic of Mauritius

Local short form: Mauritius
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Mauritius's capital city is Port Louis
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Mauritius Constitution:

12 March 1968;
amended 12 March 1992
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Mauritius population growth rate: 0.705%
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Mauritius highest point: Mont Piton 828 m
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Mauritius lowest point: Indian Ocean 0 m
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About 49% of Mauritius's land is arable.
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Mauritius birth rate is 14 births/1,000 population
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Mauritius infant mortality rate is 11 deaths/1,000 live births
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Mauritius fertility rate is 1.78 children born/woman
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Mauritius climate:

tropical, modified by southeast trade winds;
warm, dry winter (May to November);
hot, wet, humid summer (November to May)
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Top 10 cities of Mauritius with populations (2012 est.) are:
1. Port Louis: 155,226
2. Vacoas: 110,000
3. Curepipe: 84,200
4. Quatre Bornes: 80,961
5. Triolet: 23,269
6. Goodlands: 20,910
7. Centre de Flacq: 17,710
8. Bel Air: 17,671
9. Mah├ębourg: 17,042
10. Saint Pierre: 16,414
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Mauritius ethnic groups:

Indo-Mauritian - 68%
Creole - 27%
Sino-Mauritian - 3%
Franco-Mauritian 2%
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Mauritius Exports:

clothing and textiles, sugar, cut flowers, molasses, fish
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Mauritius Imports:

manufactured goods, capital equipment, foodstuffs, petroleum products, chemicals
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unicameral National Assembly (70 seats; 62 members elected by popular vote, 8 appointed by the election commission to give representation to various ethnic minorities; members to serve five-year terms)

Administrative Divisions:
9 districts
1. Black River
2. Flacq
3. Grand Port
4. Moka
5. Pamplemousses
6. Plaines Wilhems
7. Port Louis
8. Riviere du Rempart
9. Savanne


3 dependencies
1. Agalega Islands
2. Cargados Carajos Shoals
3. Rodrigues
Political parties and leaders:
Alliance of the Future (AF) - Navinchandra RAMGOOLAM (governing coalition - includes MLP, MMSM, MR, MSD, PMSD)
Mauritian Labor Party (MLP) - Navinchandra RAMGOOLAM
Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM) - Paul BERENGER
Mauritian Militant Socialist Movement (MMSM) - Pravind JUGNAUTH
Mauritian Socialist Militant Movement (MSMM) - Madan DULLOO
Mauritian Solidarity Front of FSM - Cehl FAKEERMEEAH
Mouvement Republicain (MR) - Jayarama VALAYDEN
Maurition Social Democratic Party (PMSD) - Xavier Luc DUVAL
Rodrigues Movement (MR) - Joseph (Nicholas) Von MALLY
Rodrigues Peoples Organization (OPR) - Serge CLAIR